I am a writer of short-form and feature-length films, with a taste for high-concept comedy and emotionally-driven oddness.

I attended the prestigious Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam with my feature project Burning Dogs. This story, set as Cornwall starts a war for independence with the UK by nuking Swindon, was picked up for development with Creative England.

Subsequently, I have received further development support from Creative England for the project Dogs Aren't Cats. This is a dark comedy about family, avoiding death and cheese-rolling. It has been optioned and is in the process of casting and raising finance, with a view to shooting next year. This project has recently been part of London Film Festival's Micro Market.

I have several other projects in various stages of development, and have so far worked with exceptional script advisors, including Kate Leys, David Howard, Molly Stensgaard and Celine Haddad.